Getting Started

To start your journey with us, you are invited to come and train with us at any of our training location. Simply turn up to the session times and seek out the instructor. Alternatively, you can contact the Academy to get more information and request a consultation prior to your arrival at the training sessions.

All you need to bring is yourself and your interest! The Academy will have everything you need on hand to begin your training, but feel free to bring any equipment you have with you to your first session, our Instructors will be able to tell you if it can be used in the training sessions and how to best use the equipment you have.

Your first session with us will be a focused lesson, with lots of instruction on hand to guide you through your early steps in the Martial Art. You will be taught a range of topics including Grip, Basic Cuts, Footwork and a few Basic Attack Drills. You will also be given the chance to make these attacks against an instructor who will give you a taste for what it feels like to come against another with a blade, but also the feeling of landing a solid strike!

The Academy of Swordsmanship aims to keep the martial art accessible for everyone, keeping the barrier to entry as low as possible, so that anyone can get a chance to study and train with us.

As such, while we advocate the study of swordsmanship with Steel Weapons, we understand this is outside most peoples budget so early on and thus, we will therefore begin our training with Synthetic Weapons. These weapons retain the weight and balance you would expect from the Steel, without all the cost and safety concerns, meaning we can get people into training at a higher intensity early on.

The clubs with the Academy will stock all the relevant safety equipment required for sparring with Synthetic weapons and will make them available to the students who are training under its supervision. We aim to present the student with everything they will need to begin their training and study as soon as they walk through the door.

As you develop, our Instructors will advise you on where to buy the appropriate equipment suited to you and your needs. We will aim to get you the best deal possible on protective equipment and with some retailers, we have a discount scheme in place to help the students acquire their own kit, something the Academy will strongly advocate if you wish to progress. Simply ask your Instructor for more details.