Insurance and Safety

At the Academy of Swordsmanship, we understand the nature of our activity is full of risks, amplified further by the use of weapons. Because of this, we have to be very careful when it comes to the safety of everyone who is training with us, be that the newest member, or the head instructor.

As part of the training sessions, Instructors will not only be responsible for the quality of training you will receive, but also for the safety of the students in training. As such, they will issue instructions to the students under their tutelage. We ask that all our students listen and follow the instructions given.

Be sure that for sparring, you follow the armour requirements as laid out within our Sparring Practice section. In addition to this, we ask the students observe the following rules:

  • Treat every weapon as a live blade, even the training synthetic weapons.

  • When not actively using the weapon, hold the blade by the ‘ricasso’ in the off-hand, hilt up and blade down, or an equivalent position for other weapons.

  • Do not spar with anyone not wearing the correct gear for the weapon type.

  • When training drills when unarmoured, do not alter the set drill without permission from the Instructor.

  • If a training partner does not have their weapon prepared, do not initiate an attack until they are ready.

  • Do not use the weapon outside of drills and training.

The Academy and its training sessions are insured by the Independent Martial Arts Sports Association, with each paid member of the Academy having a “Student Indemnity Cover” in the event of injury up to the Association Student Limit of £2,000,000. Those coming along for the taster sessions are put under the Academies insurance policy as a courtesy at the same level of cover. We will ensure that you have the appropriate cover and if you have any concerns, please communicate your concerns to the Academy directly, or to the Instructor at the session in the case of immediate concerns.

All Instructors of the Academy have to be in possession of a relevant First Aid qualification, fully DBS checked and Public Liability insurance, covered by the Independent Martial Arts Sports Association. Details and Proofs can be asked for at any time and the Instructors of the Academy will ensure you see the relevant documents.