Academy of Swordsmanship

The Academy trains and develops the art of swordplay in all its forms. Its students learn from both theoretical studies as well as practical experience, through drills and sparring against their peers.

The Academy aims to develop each student in combat and give them every chance to enhance, not only their ability, but also their confidence and their fitness. Each student will be guided though the process by our instructors and supported by their fellow students.

The way of the sword is available to all, everyone is welcome to learn this incredible martial art, no matter how much experience you have!

Sparring Practice

Test your skills and learn to fight in an true combative environment in which you will fight against a committed opponents.
The culture of the Academy encourages you to fight to the best of your ability, even in defeat, there is a lesson to learn. The Academy will help you learn from each combat experience.

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Technical Study

The Academy not only gives its students practical ability to fight in armed combat, but provides its students with a deep technical and theoretical ability.
This allows the student to understand and develop their techniques and understanding further, ensuring they are more aware and able to assimilate new lessons and develop their minds as well their physical ability

The Academy teaches under a strict code of conduct, find out about it and how to get started with us and what is contained within our membership should you join with us for further training and practice!