Membership to the Academy of Swordsmanship is required to gain access to the full benefits we can offer our student members. For any new starter, there are a month of taster sessions available, in which we will get you proficient with the weapons. However, proceeding with further training without proper cover is dangerous, so after your taster sessions, you will be formally invited to join the Academy as a full member. The Academy will take the responsibility for your training and safety with the professionalism you would expect from any formal martial arts school, and as such we work hard to ensure you will get the most out of your membership with us.

The first benefit, the most crucial of benefits, is access to a comprehensive insurance policy, which will cover you for all activities undertaken at the Academy, including training sessions, tournaments and group sparring events. You can find our more about our Insurance and Safety Policies on the appropriate page. Membership with the Academy get you access to the cover to train with us, but access to a network of clubs and groups looking to train and develop their own skills.


Another benefit with Membership to the Academy is access to a highly structured system of instruction, aimed at getting you to reach your potential as soon as is possible. Not only does our syllabus open up to you, but our Instructors take time to track, analyse and develop your technique to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time in training. You are able to arrange meetings with the Instructors to track your progress and discuss future ventures, giving you more control over your development.

Membership also grants access to acquire kit through the Academy. We hold accounts with key stockists of equipment and pass on this benefit to our members, meaning that they do not pay more than they need to to get the correct level of protection needed to train and compete at the levels the Academy aims for.

Your Instructor will walk you through the process of attaining Membership within the Academy and the current cost of this membership is £25 annually, which covers the Insurance and administration costs. The button below will take you to the store page where this can be purchased