Partnerships and Affiliations

The Academy of Swordsmanship is fortunate to be able to establish strong links with various groups that allow us to do more, participate in events and get access to the correct equipment we need to progress in our studies.

Reach the Core

‘Reach the Core’ is an Events Company that has been hosting events up and down the country at Medieval Festivals, Historic Weekends and Castle venues since 2014. They are looking to expand their operations in 2019 and the Academy will provide ‘Reach the Core’ with the backbone of its Swordsmanship and Weapons demonstrations and instructional events.

’Reach the Core’ has grown year on year and has proven itself to be an excellent platform for delivering professional, exciting events, catering to all ages. With their recent expansion, the Academy of Swordsmanship will be aiming to match the quality ‘Reach the Core’provides to its customers, creating not only events, but developing more for events for the Re-enactment and HEMA calendars. We will be announcing further interaction as and when the events take place or planning is well underway for events!

Reach the Core can be found at the following website!

The Knight Shop

The Knight Shop is a key retailer for the Academy, the primary stockists of our entry level equipment, providing all the safety gear required in order to begin training with the Academy of Swordsmanship. Their Red Dragon range of products, including Training Swords, also known as Wasters, Masks, Gloves, Gorgets, Sparring Jackets and other pieces of armour useful to our students and practitioners.

The Academy is fortunate enough to have an account setup with the Knight Shop in order to give our members access to the necessary sparring equipment at a discount. Contact your Club Instructor for more details on these offers.

Independent Martial Arts Sport Association

The Independent Martial Arts Sports Association is the insurer and supporting group used by the Academy of Swordsmanship to ensure that the operations and events run the Academy are correctly covered. The insurance that Members of the Academy buy into is valid across the UK and covers them for all activity related to the Academy.